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>>> 2021-02-28 manzano base part 1

First, a technical note: I had noticed in my web server logs a few times that I receive a weird number of requests for individual posts that are malformed with regards to the spaces. Either the spaces are stripped or, more commonly, are "double escaped" with the %20 escape transformed into %2520. I meant to dig into this but quite frankly forgot, until reader Rick emailed me that Twitter seems to do this when you copy and paste a URL. So I made a change today so that the "permalink" file names now have hyphens instead of spaces.

By no effort of my own, but rather because my Enterprise Content Mismanagement System just dumps files and forgets about them, the old links will continue to work as well. Tweet away, if that's a thing you do. For extra fun, try to find the posts where I put "2020" instead of "2021" in the title, and then noticed when I generated the website, and then fixed it, but the old file is still there. I call them mystery posts. They're just like the normal ones but with somehow even more mistakes.

To the point: I have posted another video over on YouTube. It's the first part of a two-part series where I talk about the history of Manzano Base and then review some environmental contamination and remediation sites within it. For flavor, Manzano Base is one of the first two National Stockpile Sites for storage and maintenance of nuclear weapons and is one of the few times that rumours of a secret government base dug into a mountain turned out to be generally correct.

I also improved my microphone situation and it clips far less often. Now I just need to cover my walls in foam. Over the tin foil, of course.